A. W. Williams Inspection Co., Inc. was founded in 1921 to provide the users of treated and untreated timber products with cost effective expertise in specifying, selecting and verifying that the materials they purchase are well suited for the intended use.

A. W. Williams Inspection Co., Inc. provides inspection services anywhere in the world where timber producing and timber preserving facilities are available. Since our founding in 1921, our company has grown to become the largest independent timber inspection agency in the United States specializing in the 100 percent inspection (each piece for material quality and each treated charge for treatment) of timber products. Our representatives are located in the major timber producing regions throughout the United States and Canada. We specialize in the 100 percent inspection of timber products, such as poles, cross arms, timbers, lumber, piles, crossties and other timber products normally subject to written specifications by the purchaser, and handle no other type of work. Our inspections are performed in accordance with our clients' specifications and the procedures described in the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) Standard M2.

During the complete inspection of timber products at the timber treating plant, we examine each piece for material quality before treatment. The treating process is verified to assure conformance with the specification requirements. A sample of the preservative used in treatment is analyzed by the inspector in the laboratory at the treating plant. Following preservative treatment, the material is examined for possible damage caused in the treating process. The amount of preservative retained is determined and tests for preservative penetration are made on each treated charge. We monitor storage conditions of both untreated and treated material stored at the treating plant. We monitor plant equipment and gauge certifications to assure compliance with AWPA standards. Each piece accepted before and after treatment is stamped with our distinctive AWW hammer brand and detailed reports covering inspection and treatment are issued to the purchaser.

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